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PRIVATE CLOUD BACKUP                                                                                                             BY HOSTING THEIR DATA

Allows Service Providers to offer first-class data protection solutions hosted in your data center!

  • Supports Local & Offsite Backups + DR
  • Supports Windows Server 2016 & Windows 10
  • Supports Granular Restore for SQL & Exchange
  • Supports VMware 6 & Hyper-V 2016
  • Simple Web-Based Management
  • End-to-End Data Encryption




NovaStor xSP 18.5: NEW Version Update

With dozens of feature enhancements in this new release and support for the latest technologies,
you are geared up to keep your clients data safe and secure now and into the future.


Windows Server 2016

  • NovaStor moves quickly to support the latest technologies and operating systems that power your business.

  • xSP now Supports Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft Exchange 2016

  • Microsoft Exchange server’s simplified architecture brings new levels of speed and reliability.

  • Single-mailbox restore to pinpoint and restore critical data at a granular level.

Microsoft SQL 2016

  • xSP protects Microsoft SQL 2016 databases against corruption and user error with powerful backup and restore functionality.

  • Extract granular data from offline SQL databases with ease. Gain direct access to unmounted database tables, with the file structure and its contents displayed for selective export functionality.

Microsoft Hyper-V 2016

  • Virtual machines become more light weight and easy to manage under Hyper-V 2016.

  • xSP stands ready to protect VM’s running under Hyper-V, with real-time backup and restore status notifications.

VMware vSphere 6

  • Updated VMWare.exe to the latest version to support VMware 6.

  • Now you can take advantage of the new VWware 6 benefits like Fault Tolerances.

Microsoft.NET Framework

  • Backup client can now use either .NET Frameworks versions 3.5 or 4.0, whichever is already installed.

  • This update reduces the need for the setup to install an alternate .NET version.

Enhanced Image Backups

  • Image Backups were enhanced to allow both incremental and differential jobs to be defined and scheduled before the first full backup job has run.

  • Naming of jobs was simplified by combing "job name" and "backup name" into one name and auto-generating the job name for incremental and differential backups jobs.

Granular Restore

  • Updated to support Windows Server 2016 (Technical Preview 5), Exchange Server 2016 CU1 and CU2, and SQL Server 2016.

  • Greatly increased speeds of read and search processes for Exchange Server databases. Improved performance when working with large databases. Added support for searching with wildcards.

Central Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring of all client licenses from a single web-based console.

  • Backup summaries, detailed reporting and alert notifications for backup job results.

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Windows Server 2016

Your Data is Protected Now and for the Future

  • Take control of your Future – Support your existing clients that are running on new Windows Server 2016.

  • When your clients upgrade to Windows Server 2016, your backup solution is already set.

  • Ready for the technologies that power your business - Windows Server, SQL, Exchange and Hyper-V.

Unmatched Support

How NovaStor can help support you to keep your data safe

Reduce Complexity

NovaStor provides fast, easy and uncomplicated backup and recovery solutions for managed service providers. Our team of experienced backup experts work with you on your journey to success.  NovaStor conducts comprehensive training to educate you and your team. Expert advice is readily available to help with the establishment of business models, pricing, implementation, launch and ongoing technical support of your backup service. 

Support Included

NovaStor xSP includes premium support, which offers access to phone and email support as well as all updates and upgrades to the software, and unlimited access to a vast library of helpful guides and documentation.

Training & Installation Services

NovaStor offers 20 years of business experience with a combined MSP knowledgebase across all various engineers and developers that work in-house for your support needs. With NovaStor, we make sure you are fully trained to offer your clients installation and setup services. To get you started, our backup engineers will install the software for you and get you set up and properly configured, so that you are ready to protect your clients data from day one.

Local, In-House Premium Support

To ensure that your transition to NovaStor is smooth and your future with us is secure, we provide on-going support. We never want you to feel alone. For technical questions or in critical situations such as a system failure, our support engineers provide expert help via phone, email or remote access directly from our US office.

Product Documentation

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Quickstart Guide

Our Quickstart Guide offers system requirements, installation, configuration and setup info.

NovaStor xSP 18.5 Release Notes

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