Start Offering Backup as a Service to Your Clients Today!

  • Create a Recurring Revenue Stream
  • Increase Profits Exponentially
  • No License Admin or Renewals Required




What is the NovaBACKUP's Managed Service Provider (MSP) program?

The NovaBACKUP MSP program is designed for service providers to create a recurring revenue stream by offering local and/or offsite backup and disaster recovery as a service to their customers.

Say goodbye to having to administer licenses, and chase customers for annual maintenance. Your master key provides unlimited installations, with support and version updates included.

This highly scalable solution can support anywhere from 10 to 100’s of thousands of clients, and is conveniently monitored from any internet browser or mobile device in the world! One of our providers has over 20,000 installations.

The Numbers Tell the Real Story

Traditional license models provide some quick initial revenue, but often return little following the original purchase. A subscription based service grows profits exponentially for ongoing monthly revenues. 

The NovaStor MSP program offers complete setup and installation, zero license administration, and predictable revenue by offering local and offsite backup to clients that you are already servicing.

Call us and we'll ensure your backup services are profitable.

Traditional License

  • You own it
  • End user pays one-time fee
  • Yearly maintenance renewal: 25% of license cost

Managed Services

  • Month to month, no commitment
  • End user charged monthly fee
  • No maintenance renewal fee

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