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  • Faster Backups to External Devices
  • Restore with Greater Reliability & Ease
  • Auto Shut-Down After Backups
  • Advanced Backup Verification
  • Custom Subject Lines for Email Alerts
  • Single Pass Image Recovery





NovaBACKUP 18.7: NEW Version Update

Dozens of features and performance enhancements have been made since our version 18 release. This 18.7 release brings faster backup speeds, more reliable restores, advanced backup verification and more. New since the release of version 18:


NEW Faster Backups

  • Save time with faster backup speeds when backing up to an external device like NAS or USB.

  • Updated to use multi-threaded I/O processes to allow overlapping of file reading and writing operations.

NEW Auto Shut-Downs

  • Save time and energy with our new auto shut-down feature. No pop-up messages that stop you from going home early…

  • After a backup is complete (copy jobs, file backups or image backups), you can now shut-down or restart your system automatically.

NEW Advanced Verification

  • Verify the integrity of your data backups with new Advanced Verification.

  • This verification algorithm offers enhanced byte-to-byte comparisons of the backup data with the source data.

NEW More Reliable Restores

  • Save time restoring your data to Network locations, now with greater reliability.

  • Time-based restore tab now properly filters the file set for the selected date and time, allowing for more accurate data restores.

  • Encrypted backups can now be properly imported with a significantly higher success rate.

NEW Single Pass Image Recovery

  • NovaBACKUP 18.7 now recovers image backups from full and incremental files in a single pass.

  • The recovery procedure scans the last full image backup, then goes through each subsequent incremental backup to discover and acquire any later revisions of the target file(s).

Windows Server 2016

  • NovaStor moves quickly to support the latest technologies and operating systems that power your business.

  • Now Supports Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft Exchange 2016

  • Microsoft Exchange server’s simplified architecture brings new levels of speed and reliability.

  • Single-mailbox restore to pinpoint and restore critical data at a granular level.

Microsoft SQL 2016

  • NovaBACKUP protects Microsoft SQL 2016 databases against corruption and user error with powerful backup and restore functionality.

  • Extract granular data from offline SQL databases with ease. Gain direct access to unmounted database tables, with the file structure and its contents displayed for selective export functionality.

Microsoft Hyper-V 2016

  • Virtual machines become more light weight and easy to manage under Hyper-V 2016.

  • NovaBACKUP stands ready to protect VM’s running under Hyper-V, with real time backup and restore status notifications.

Central Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring of all NovaBACKUP licenses from a single web-based console.

  • Backup summaries, detailed reporting & alerts notifications for backup job results.

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Quick View of NovaCare

  • Quickly check to see when your NovaCare or subscription plan expires by visiting
    help > about within your NovaBACKUP software.

  • NovaCare gives you full access to all product updates and upgrades as well as unlimited access to our US-based, in-house phone support.

Guided Install & Setup

  • NovaStor backup experts schedule an appointment with you to remotely install NovaBACKUP for you at no charge.

  • Our team of backup professionals help you get your backups setup and schedules so your data is protected from day one.

For a full list of what's new in version 18.7, check out our what's new page.

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Web-Based Central Monitoring

  • FREE! Backup Monitoring Tool - $300 Value With any product purchase.

  • Be the first to know and stay in control. Monitor your systems from anywhere.

  • Prevent small problems from growing up!

Central Monitoring

Windows Server 2016

Your Data is Protected Now and for the Future

  • Take control of your Future – Get “Windows Server 2016 Ready” Today!  

  • When you upgrade to Windows Server 2016, your backup solution is already set.

  • Ready for the technologies that power your business - Windows Server, SQL, Exchange and Hyper-V.

Unmatched Support

How NovaStor can help support you keep your data safe

Reduce Complexity

NovaStor provides fast, easy and uncomplicated entry backup and recovery for small businesses. Our team of experienced team of backup experts help with everything from choosing a backup plan to installing it and setting it up. Give us a call or live chat with us. Let's make safeguarding your business's crucial data the easiest thing you do today. 

Support Included

NovaBACKUP 18 products include 1 year of our industry-leading NovaCare support (unless stated otherwise). That means unlimited access to phone and email help from our local, one-on-one support engineers, unlimited product updates, and unlimited access to a vast library of helpful guides and documentation.

Personal Installation Service

With NovaStor's Setup Assistant we assume the expense and risk of the installation and setup of NovaBACKUP 18 Server, Business Essentials and Network. Our backup engineers install the software and set up your first backup so everything is setup and properly configured from day one.

To learn more about our setup assistance program click here.

Local, In-House Premium Support

To ensure that your transition to NovaStor is smooth and your future with us is secure, we provide on-going support. We never want you to feel alone. For technical questions or in critical situations such as a system failure, our support engineers provide expert help via phone, email or remote access directly from our US office.


Product Documentation

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Product Data Sheet

Download our NovaBACKUP 18 data sheet to get a full list of features and technical information.

NovaBACKUP 18.7 Release Notes

View the NovaBACKUP 18.7 Release Notes to get more details about this product release.

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