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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions About Our Managed Service Provider Backup Program

  • What is the NovaBACKUP MSP model?

    A: NovaStor now offers its Certified partners the ability to provide NovaBACKUP Backup and Disaster recovery solutions to their customers on a reoccurring basis. This allows our partners to create predictable reoccurring revenues for their business.

  • Do I qualify for the program?

    A: If you are currently supporting more than 50 customers and are a NovaStor ValueCREATE! Certified Partner you can join this exciting new program with no up-front cost or risk.

  • I’m ready to get started, what do I need to do?

    A: If our MSP plan is the right fit for you all it takes is a call to your ValueCREATE! account manager to get started. There is no up-front cost to you to get going, simply fill out an authorization form, we deliver your custom gold master key and you start selling.

  • What features are including in the MSP product?

    A: We have created a special product just for our MSP model providing File level backup and disaster recovery along with support for SQL and Exchange. With the MSP model the licenses will always be on the latest version and include installation and technical support.

  • How is the software delivered?

    A: When you join the MSP program you will be provided with a gold master key which you can install on all your clients servers. You will never have to wait for key delivery from NovaStor allowing you to focus on what is important, growing your business.

  • What is the cost for the licenses?

    A: Pricing is based on a per machine, per month price based on actual license usage with tiered pricing starting at 50 clients. Call for full pricing info.

  • Is there a minimum requirement to begin?

    A: We have no minimum to get started. To ensure the success of our partners we provide 2 full billing cycle to get you to your first 10 customers. There is a minimum of 10 licenses required to stay in this program. On the third billing cycle you will be charged the minimum of 10 licenses and any additional active licenses you have installed.

  • What is the difference between the MSP program and NovaStor xSP?

    A: The NovaStor xSP program is focused on service providers who want to host their own private cloud, with optional local backup. The pricing is based on a perpetual licensing model and requires the software to be purchased upfront.

    The NovaBACKUP MSP program is focused on service providers who want to offer local managed backup services with optional off-site cloud backup. The pricing model for this solution is based on monthly billing of actual license usage with no upfront costs.

  • How do I get started?

    A: Submit the form above to request a call backup from one of our NovaBACKUP MSP program specialists or call us now at +1 805-435-0043 to get started right away.

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