Start Offering Backup as a Service to Your Clients Today!

  • Create a Recurring Revenue Stream
  • Increase Profits Exponentially
  • No Risk & No Up-Front Costs



Program Benefits

Top Benefits to Your Business

  • Create a Reoccurring Revenue Stream
    With NovaBACKUP MSP you can continue to provide your customers with the best in Backup and Disaster recovery ensuring that their software is always on the latest version while created predictable reoccurring revenue for your business.

  • Increase Profits Exponentially
    Why sell a product when you can provide a service? Our NovaBACKUP MSP partners are seeing increased  revenues from their backup sales up to 10X more than when they only sell the product. 

  • No Risk & No Up-Front Costs
    There are zero up front costs to the NovaBACKUP MSP Program. You simply sign up and are only charged for the number of active  licenses you have installed. We allow you the first billing cycle to ramp up so there is no minimum required to get started, meaning there is  zero risk to your business.

  • Zero License Administration
    With the MSP program you will never need to wait for delivery of a license key again. Once approved you are given a Gold  master key which allows you to quickly and easily install NovaBACKUP on any machine at any time without ever contacting  a rep from NovaStor.

How to Get Started

  • Setup a Qualification Call
    Submit the form above to request a call backup from one of our NovaBACKUP MSP program specialists or call us now at +1 805-579-5454 to get started right away.

  • Complete the Authorization Form
    After you have completed your call with one of our MSP specialists, we will send you an authorization form, which you will need to complete.

  • Get Approved and Get Started
    Once approved, our support team will schedule a technical onboarding session with you to ensure that you are setup and ready to start adding your clients to the program. Next you will then receive everything you need to get up and running, including: your master key, sales and marketing support, and installation and setup assistance.

Start growing your business today with the NovaBACKUP MSP program.

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