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  • Centralized backup and restore software for Windows & Linux networks
  • NEW: Granular Restore for SQL and Exchange
  • NEW: Remote installation of Windows clients
  • NEW: Ready for Hyper-V 2016, SQL 2016, & Exchange 2016
  • Support of common storage media (disk, tape, appliances, cloud)

True Network Backup. Faster Restores.


NEW NovaStor DataCenter 6 Delivers Accelerated Data Restoration
with Granular Restore for SQL and Exchange

All-inclusive packages start at $2,500 USD

Virtual machines offer high flexibility. But what if you encounter a failure?
Do you know which storage media contains your most recent backup at all times?
Can you use backups from another site for your restore in case of a disaster?

The more flexibility you have when restoring your data, the less likely problems will arise.
The new version 6.2 of NovaStor DataCenter expands restore situation to include the following:


Central Media Management

  • Supports central media management for local and offsite storage.

  • Backups and the associated media can be quickly and easily found within the central admin console.

Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)

  • Fast, easy data recovery to new or dissimilar hardware after a loss or disaster.

  • Supports Windows and Linux. VMs can be restored to different physical hosts.

Data Outsourcing

  •  Restore backups from another site in cases of local data loss.

  • Remove access to disk pools at another location.

Restore from Other Media

  • Restore from a media that differs from the original, such as a disk from an external replicated disk pool.

  • Offers maximum protection from irretrievable data loss due to the loss of a backup.

Flexible Restore

  • Offers flexible placement of storage media on the network.

  • Distributed metadata allows restores without a central metadata database.

  • Comprehensive features for Hyper-V and VMware (see below).

High-Speed Granular Restore

  • Fast granular data extraction for offline SQL databases, Exchange Server mailbox stores and Outlook files.

  • Direct access to unmounted database tables and mail store contents.

  • Search query tools allow for specific query exports for faster restores.
Dental Backup Software

3-2-1 Restore 

Restore Best Practices for NovaStor® DataCenter 6

3 Backups - 2 Locations - 1 Restore Path: This is the 3-2-1 Restore method used by NovaStor DataCenter. You can choose the media device that works best for your environment, with plenty of options: Disk, NAS, RDX, Tape to a Tape Library. You can also create multiple backups and distribute them across multiple locations.

  • You can also create multiple backups and distribute them to other locations.

  • DataCenter centralizes access to all backup and replications at all locations, thus reducing the complexities of data restores.

Keep your backups organized and retain complete control.

Virtual Machine Recovery

Restore Virtual Machines NovaStor® DataCenter 6

Spinning up a new virtual machine can be done rather quickly.
But can you recovery your virtual environment after a failure just as fast?
With version 6.0 of NovaStor DataCenter, the following functions are supported to improve virtual machine backup and recovery.
Remote Backup Management

Single File Restore

Maximum flexibility for single file restore for Hyper-V and VMware. Split screen for image and target for simultaneous viewing.

VMware Replication

Replicate virtual machines for high-availability of time-critical systems. Configure version history to easily roll-back to the appropriate version for recovery.

Flexible Hardware Restore

Transparent support of VMware datastores allows for the selection of a target datastore when restoring.

One-Step Restore

Synthetic one-step VM restore: The virtual machine is restored in a single pass - regardless of the number of previous backups.

Restore on Different VM

Restore files from VMware or Hyper-V backups on a different NovaStor DataCenter client.

Hyper-V Cluster

In addition to VMware vCenter support, DataCenter also supports backup and restoration in a Hyper-V cluster.

The Solution to Your Problems

How NovaStor® DataCenter 6 solves your backup and restore problems?

Unlimited Performance

  • Granular Restore for SQL and Exchange offers fast, pinpointed restores.

  • A new Backup Server optimizes images and accelerates VMware and Hyper-V restores.

  • Multistreaming for unlimited, accelerated backup and restore.

  • Parallel execution of an unlimited number of backup jobs: physical and virtual machines.

  • High-performance data mover with optimized compression methods distribute the computational load on client and storage medium.

  • Minimal effort for the control of data backups through centralized monitoring.

Rock Solid Stability

  • Unique backup architecture with distributed metadata for highest stability.

  • Support for cluster configurations.

  • Automation of all processes, no manual intervention necessary.

  • Fault tolerance, for example, by failover media pools.

  • Support for cluster configurations.

  • Constant optimization of stability.

  • Leading restore functionality.

Without Limitations

  • Remote installation of clients on Windows machines directly from the GUI.

  • Centralized management of network-wide backups from a single pane of glass.

  • Single File Restore and full backups of physical systems and VMware & Hyper-V virtual machines.

  • Free choice of manufacturer for Storage and type (disk, tape, cloud, etc.).

  • Backup and restore remotely to storage at another location.

  • Support for current / future standards such as Exchange 2016 & SQL 2016 and Hyper-V 2016.

  • Unlimited scalability from 4 to thousands servers.

System requirements and additional functions can be found on the website for NovaStor DataCenter.

Benefits Overview

Overview of NovaStor® DataCenter 6 Benefits

Maximum Restore Security

  • Central media management for tiered backup.
  • Storage media can be used for flexible restores.
  • Backup server accelerates VMware restores.
  • Granular restore for pinpointed data extraction.

Rock-Solid Stability & Reliability

  • Distributed architecture for increased stability.
  • Fault tolerance achieved with failover media pools.
  • Support for the latest standard technologies (for example, Exchange 2016, SQL 2016 Hyper-V 2016).

Software & Support: 100% US Support

  • US-based technical support.
  • In-house support — never outsourced.
  • Proven in SMEs, public institutions and data centers.

Minimal Administration

  • Remote installation of Windows clients.
  • Assign user rights for faster NAS storage setup.
  • Automated storage management on many levels.
  • Top performance on even low-cost storage hardware.
  • Highest backup speeds with Multistreaming.

For a full list of NovaStor DataCenter features and benefits visit the website for NovaStor DataCenter.

Product Documentation

Download the latest documents on NovaStor DataCenter 6

Product Data Sheet

Download our NovaStor DataCenter 6 data sheet to get a full list of features and technical information.

Product Development Timeline

View the NovaStor DataCenter timeline to get an overview of our product milestones.

Unmatched Support

How NovaStor can help support you keep your data safe

Reduce Complexity

NovaStor provides fast, easy and uncomplicated entry into the central network backup with NovaStor DataCenter. Our team of experienced support engineers can assist with installation and setup of the software and provide quick response to technical problems.

Universal Licenses

You can use NovaStor DataCenter universally for backup of Windows and Linux systems, Hyper-V and VMware environments. Common databases and applications are protected with platform-neutral and vendor-independent backups. All you need is one license per server, physical host or backup server.

Personal Installation Service

With NovaStor's Setup Assistant we assume the expense and risk of the installation and setup of NovaStor DataCenter. Our backup engineers install the software and set up the first backup so everything is setup and properly configured from day one.

Local, In-House Premium Support

To ensure that your transition to NovaStor is smooth and your future with us is secure, we provide on-going support. We never want you to feel alone. For technical questions or in critical situations such as a system failure, our support engineers provide expert help via phone, email or remote access directly from our US office.

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